Destinations in Africa and the Middle East

Whilst the affluent metropolis of Dubai remains a popular pick for travellers, the remainder of the Middle East and most of Africa goes unnoticed, much to the detriment of potential voyagers. Astounding scenery, sublime beaches, tantalising cuisine, incredible history and hospitable locals are just some of the many reasons why this diverse and enriching part of the world should not be overlooked.

The Middle East

  • Dubai is the obvious choice for visitors seeking a stress-free introduction to the Middle East, famed for its soaring skyscrapers, exclusive hotels, luxurious shopping malls and extravagant entertainment venues.
  • Qatar is fast becoming a recognised tourist hotspot due to its safe status, excellent water sports, infectious markets and its energetic camel races. Of course gambling is illegal within any Islamic country so it’s best to make sure you get your fix before you leave home. Online casinos make the perfect choice for gamers who renounce dressing up and stepping outside the door, offering all the fun and opportunities of winning real cash prizes in total comfort. Click here for advice on how to get started today.
  • Jordan is renowned for its easy going nature, friendly residents, dramatic desert backdrops and its breathtaking ruins, which include of course one of the Seven Wonders of the World at Petra.


  • South Africa makes an unforgettable destination for holidaymakers desiring an adventure to cherish. Boasting a fascinating history, pristine beaches, awesome nature reserves, the chance to see ‘The Big 5’, and the beautiful city of Cape Town, it’s no wonder South Africa continues to attract tourists en masse.
  • The Seychelles offers the height of luxury for romantic couples. A rejuvenating sense of peace and solitude, azure waters, soft powdery sands and nature in all its colourful glory combine to ensure a sumptuous, once in a lifetime experience.
  • Morocco has long since been established as a haven for travellers. With its famed mountain ranges, rugged coastline and enthralling cities, there is no better place to go hiking, camel trekking or simply people watching at the fringes of a hectic market with a soothing cup of fresh mint tea.