Choosing the Perfect Cruise

What better way to see numerous places, enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and forego the hassle of organising an itinerary than to step on board a cruise ship? Letting someone else do the work can be a great relief to travellers seeking both action packed days at exciting new ports and time spent relaxing and being pampered at sea. With thousands of holidaymakers returning year after year, cruising certainly has its advantages and can ensure a vacation worthy of your time and budget.

Where to Go and How Long For

First time cruisers should perhaps opt for a shorter duration to determine whether life on the water is a suitable choice for them. Depending on the country of departure, destinations such as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean offer the perfect introduction, combining guaranteed sunshine with beautiful beaches and charming cities. Keep in mind that choosing a smaller ship will allow you to explore lesser known harbours that the big boys are unable to penetrate. For seasoned cruisers, the sky is the limit, with several companies arranging itineraries in such unchartered waters as the Indonesian archipelago, the North Pole and the Cook Islands, or voyages that traverse the globe for months at a time.

Know Your Limits

Many of the popular cruise ships promise ‘all inclusive’ convenience on board. It’s important to understand before you book exactly what your money will provide. Added fees for services such as massages, excursions or even cooking courses are to be expected, but also be aware of extra charges, for example, in terms of drinks bundles, tips, port fees and taxes.

Have a Blast

Once you’ve decided on a suitable destination and package, it’s time to jump aboard and experience the full benefits of cruise ships. Get to know the vessel’s layout and familiarize yourself with all the great activities, restaurants, shops and events at your disposal. Whether it be working on your golf swing, gambling at the casino, enjoying a show or simply soaking up the sun, the possibilities are endless for spoiling yourself in style amidst a sea of tranquil waters.