Planning Your Trip

Okay, so you have decided on your destination and booked your flights and accommodation. Now you can sit back, relax and count the days until your departure. Wrong! Not only do you have to make sure you have everything you need, it’s also a great idea to keep researching food tips and activities to turn an enjoyable stay into a magical one.

Visas, Insurance and Money

First things first, make sure your passport is up to date! Then check whether you require a visa and, if so, order it plenty of time before leaving home. Travel insurance is a must. Converting currency is not a necessity as ATMs are available worldwide and most of your purchases can be made with a credit card. However, exchanging a small amount will give you peace of mind, especially for when you first arrive.

Vaccinations and Safety

Tourists venturing to exotic lands should be aware of any essential immunisations and contact their doctor accordingly to arrange an appointment. Vacationers intent on visiting countries troubled by conflict or natural disasters should consult official government websites for advice on whether it is safe to travel.

Booking Trips and Tours

There are countless companies offering a range of tours across the globe. Do your research and consider hiring a local guide for priceless knowledge of your destination and its hidden gems. Be sure to check review sites and read previous customers’ feedback to ensure your booking is the perfect match for you.

Start Packing

The desire is always there to stuff your suitcase to the brim for fear of forgetting something invaluable. The truth is even remote villages at the earth’s edge sell medicine, toiletries or anything else you may need on your trip. Find out the expected temperature during your holiday and pack clothes accordingly. A camera, adaptor, hand sanitizer, zip top bags and a combination lock will also come in handy.

Enjoy Your Trip!

All that time spent behind a screen will finally be rewarded as you set off into the sun and embark on a life changing escapade. Bon voyage!