Destinations in Europe

Ah, Europe… Bursting with history, thriving with culture, scattered with iconic landmarks, and laden with epic scenes of natural beauty, this incredibly diverse continent boasts enough worthwhile destinations to last a lifetime. With so much to see and do, the following suggestions merely stroke the surface of it all, although they at the very least offer visitors a starting point for discovering its treasures.

  • Paris – This obvious contender has to be included for its endless sights; the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, not to mention its world class cuisine and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Andalucía – Boasting welcoming beaches, pictorial white villages, the adorable city of Granada and food to die for, this southern region of Spain will stir your soul to a flamenco frenzy.
  • Budapest – Renowned for its soothing thermal baths and gleaming hospitality, it’s no wonder Budapest has become one of Europe’s most popular cities.
  • Iceland – Visitors seeking dramatic landscapes, untouched natural beauty and the chance to see the Northern Lights are implored to spend a week or two in this magical land.
  • Monaco – This millionaire’s paradise is known for its elite casinos, although gamblers unwilling to dress up to the nines and compete with the big rollers should try the online 888 Casino instead, which promises just as much chance of winning the big bucks without the pomp.
  • London – No vacation to Europe would be complete without a stopover in the UK’s vibrant capital. Whilst other cities, such as York and Edinburgh, may offer a more authentic British experience, London cannot be matched in terms of monumental tourist hotspots.
  • Amsterdam – Explore the breathtaking Canal Belt by boat, hire a bike, eat pancakes and stand in awe at the colossal Rijksmuseum; holidaying in Amsterdam is about as European and rewarding as it gets.
  • Rome – Avoid the heat and the hordes and visit this ancient metropolis outside of summer to truly appreciate its full potential. Such impressive feats as the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum blend with mouth-watering gelato, pizzas and pasta to make this the Eternal City that keeps on giving.