Destinations in Asia and Australasia

Encompassing a massive area, the fusion of Asia and Australasia promises an endless array of options for a life-changing adventure. Choosing your perfect match can be tricky, especially for those travelling from afar, so the following selection highlights a handful of cities or places worth considering when discovering the best of the Far East.

  • Sri Lanka – Consistently regarded as the top travel destination over the past few years, this unassuming island majestically blends verdant rainforests with untrodden beaches and exotic dishes with welcoming locals to create a country brimming with colour, beauty and soul.
  • Hong Kong – This explosion of a city is really an attack on the senses, where ancient rituals meet contemporary lifestyles. With its iconic skyline, charming islands and pulsating nightlife, Hong Kong is not for the faint hearted and is certainly not to be forgotten.
  • Thailand – Turquoise lagoons, delectable dishes, friendly faces and an unrivalled sense of freedom make Thailand a hedonist’s paradise. From the crowded markets of Bangkok to the white sands of Railay, this beloved getaway is the perfect choice for tourists seeking a stress-free introduction to Asian travel.
  • Japan – A cultural treasure trove mixed with breathtaking nature, this timeless land never fails to impress its visitors. Japan’s landscape melts snow covered peaks with sweeping valleys of cherry blossoms and high tech metropolises for a unique setting heightened by an efficient transport system and exquisite food.
  • Australia – Australia’s sheer size makes it difficult to traverse during a single vacation, although unmissable activities include diving into the Great Barrier Reef, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, soaking up the sights on the Great Ocean Road, exploring the national parks and sampling the best of the country’s cuisine in dynamic Melbourne.
  • New Zealand – Much smaller than its colossal neighbour, yet equally overflowing with inspiring spots, New Zealand is a nature lover’s paradise. Whilst the north bubbles with volcanic landscapes, the south impresses with dramatic fjords and glaciers. Add to that a relaxed vibe and such hospitable cities as Auckland and Wellington, and New Zealand makes the lengthy journey more than worthwhile.